Leva Bates: 'I was just a byproduct of that, from what I was told'

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Leva Bates: 'I was just a byproduct of that, from what I was told'

In an interview with Thunder Rosa's "Taco Vlog", Leva Bates talked about her adventure in WWE, more precisely NXT. Thunder Rosa also remembered NXT Takeover: Brooklyn in 2015. “I came in for a one-time, one thing only.

They didn’t expect it to be like it was, we got the ‘Blue Pants’ chant. Hunter came out and was like, ‘You guys got a Blue Pants chant,’ and just starts laughing, cackling, and walks away,” she said.

“So, legit, I was asked to come back the next taping, ‘Hey, we want to see if this Blue Pants thing is our thing?’ … So I am waiting behind the wings … They started chanting ‘Blue Pants’ and it was wild”.

- she said as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

Leva Bates' SmackDown adventure

Her adventure continued in SmackDown, but as if they didn't respect her enough there. They didn't give her bigger roles and didn't use her in the right way.

“They were bringing me into Smackdown because the writer from NXT that was writing all the Blue Pants stuff got moved to SmackDown, so they brought me into SmackDown a couple of times, but I was never actually used.

I was like, ‘Oh, I was supposed to be in this spot,’ and then a couple of hours before a taping, I would get removed”. It seemed as if there were some much bigger problems within WWE that affected other wrestlers as well.

The situation was chaotic, and Bates had a big problem. “So finally, one day, I was told by someone, a friend of mine in the office, he’s like, ‘Hey, this isn’t a reflection of you. I am not saying names but a producer and a writer are butting heads a lot and he’s nixing all his ideas.’ So I was just a byproduct of that, from what I was told,” Leva Bates said.