Smackdown: Drew McIntyre was dominant

Drew McIntyre has been in the WWE Title picture for over a year now

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Drew McIntyre was dominant

Post-match, The Usos are joined by Kayla who shows everyone how the victory at MITB came incorrectly, so much so that some claim that the Usos cheated. The Samoan duo say they don't need to cheat and finally Kayla closes the conversation by stating that there could be a special referee for the re-match at SummerSlam against the Street Profits.

And now, finally, we have arrived at the MAIN EVENT of the evening. THE WINNER GETS AN UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AT CLASH AT THE CASTLE DREW MCINTYRE VS SHEAMUS. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus were booked for an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Contender's match on WWE SmackDown.

Before the main event could get underway, Sheamus announced that he was sick. Unfortunately, his current victory will be overshadowed by the match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

Drew McIntyre def. Butch

Sheamus tried to get in the ring but Drew McIntyre used Angela to slash the ring ropes before SmackDown ended.

WWE could have booked a much stronger main event on the show. However, the creative team wanted Drew McIntyre to shine before Clash at the Castle. However, once in the ring, Sheamus takes the floor and states that he cannot fight due to health problems and that Butch will be in his place.

DREW MCINTYRE VS BUTCH 1… 2… 3 CLAYMOOOOOREEEE! WINNER: DREW MCINTYRE Post-match, Ridge steps into the ring but suffers DDT future shock as Sheamus stops at the apron ring before McIntyre, with his sword, cuts him like he did with those poor ring ropes.

This meh episode of SmackDown ends with a cut ring rope and fire. Drew McIntyre was backstage and hyped Clash at the Castle before saying that he would go after whoever wins the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

Sheamus said that he was sick and unable to compete tonight before sending Butch in to compete for him. Drew took Butch down early on and got a neckbreaker, despite a distraction from Ridge Holland. Drew got a quick claymore and picked up the easy win.

Smackdown Drew Mcintyre