William Regal tells young talents: Leave your phones and train!

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William Regal tells young talents: Leave your phones and train!

William Regal spoke in his new podcast "The Gentleman Villian", and one of the topics was Jim Ross. Many believe that Ross exaggerates sometimes in calling out. However, Regal believes that it is for the good of others. “He gets people who criticize him for calling them out because he says that’s not a good pin,” Regal says as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Well, he’s trying to help you, he’s not trying to hurt you. He’s trying to help you by saying you need to tighten your pin-up,’ or, ‘That’s a lackadaisical armbar there.’ Perhaps if you learn how to do it well, he could talk about it and then put you over”.

William Regal on Wrestling Talents

Regal believes that young talents should work more on themselves and focus on how to improve themselves, “You talking about the feelings I had when I was a teenager, I sometimes get that when I look around the building and I see people on their phones all day long when you’ve got one day a week to try to get better,” Regal said.

“I would be trying to get better. I would be asking or trying to learn something, right? You’ve got enough time on your own to chat with people or do something else on your other days that you’re not at work.

You should be trying to get better. I don’t care one way or the other, it’s entirely up to you." William Regal also revealed his way of acting. “My job, where I came from in NXT, I would politely go and talk to people, ‘Maybe you might want to invest a bit more time into this, and then maybe you’d be better at it instead of complaining about everything,’ right? This isn’t a fair job, so take all that out of it.

Sometimes it works out — it doesn’t matter how good you are — sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t”.

William Regal