Pat McAfee on Happy Corbin's Attack: “Michael Cole and I were just sitting, and.."


Pat McAfee on Happy Corbin's Attack: “Michael Cole and I were just sitting, and.."

Pat McAfee spoke on his "The Pat McAfee Show" about Happy Corbin's attack on him. Corbin attacked him from the back, after going off the air on Peacock.
McAfee couldn't believe what had happened. Everything seemed ideal until that moment.

“That was out of precaution because a scum bag had attacked me immediately following Money In The Bank, going off the air on Peacock,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. “Michael Cole and I were just sitting there having our usual nightly wrap up like … Before we could even get our headsets off and get out of there, as the entire world was celebrating, some scumbag by the name of ‘Bum-ass Corbin’ literally attacked me from behind the barricade like a horror film — you watch it, he drags me over”.

Happy Corbin and Pat McAfee's challenge

Corbin accepted a fight challenge from Pat McAfee. Pat is ready to fight him after his neck heals. He is ready to give his maximum and destroy his opponent. “Once this neck heals up 100 percent, I am going to be f**king going.

I am going to beat that guy’s ass … It’s going to be big, it’s going to be grand, and this foot is going to end up, up the ass of ‘Bum-ass Corbin’,” he said. A few weeks ago, Happy Corbin responded to Pat McAfee's challenge via social media.

Corbin is furious with Pat McAffe “I’m in Kansas City, and you knew that. You’re in Austin, in your safe place, standing behind your desk, standing on your desk, sitting in your chair, running your mouth. That’s what you do, though,” Corbin stated.

“You knew I wasn’t going to be in Austin, so you’re flapping your gums and putting my name in your mouth. Well, Pat, let’s see how tough you really are when we’re standing face to face, punk!”

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