Signs That Sasha Banks May Have Quit the WWE

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Signs That Sasha Banks May Have Quit the WWE

Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of the WWE nearly two months ago, and here are some more signs that indicate that Sasha may have quit the WWE. Sasha and Naomi walked on while Raw was still on there. They held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the time.

They also relinquished their titles, and WWE was forced to improvise to keep the show going.

Sasha Banks' trying to distance herself from WWE

Officially, Sasha and Naomi have just been suspended. However, there are numerous signs that indicate that they both have actually quit the WWE.

WWE has removed almost all references to Naomi and Sasha from their TV intro and their Facebook pages no longer exist. Their merchandise has also been pulled from the WWE Shop and they have even removed Sasha Banks from Paige’s 2017 return.

It appears that the plan to go forward is to remove the women completely from the WWE and erase any content that contains them. Sasha Banks also had an icon that users could use as their Peacock Network profile icon. Previously, users could use Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks or Asuka as their icons in the WWE stars category.

It seems that WWE chose to remove Sasha’s icon. PWInsider reported that Banks might be looking to sign with other promotions. She is expected to sign with another promotion before the fall. Fightful Select also reported that the WWE creative team is currently operating under the assumption that Sasha will never work for the WWE again.

There were several high-level talents that sort of confirmed that this is true when they talked to these news outlets. Sasha and Naomi have also been adjusting their social account and wish to distance themselves from the WWE.

This is usually an indication that a wrestler has quit their current promotion. Sasha Banks was actually one of WWE’s most popular and most important female stars. She won a huge number of titles during her WWE career and played a major role in the women’s revolution era.

Sasha and Charlotte Flair led the women’s division for a long time and helped push the women’s division. Women are now seen as serious competitors and this even resulted in a WrestleMania main event solely comprising of women.

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