William Regal Speaks About Current Problems in Locker Room

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William Regal Speaks About Current Problems in Locker Room

William Regal is one of the most well-known wrestling personalities in the world, and he spoke about the current problems that he regularly sees in wrestling locker rooms. William Regal was actually Britain’s most popular wrestler.

He is now known as a coach and a manager, and he is currently working for All Elite Wrestling. According to William, the wrestlers are not that serious about training anymore. He sees them on the phone the entire day.

William Regal Speaks About His Discipline

“You talking about the feelings I had when I was a teenager, I sometimes get that when I look around the building and I see people on their phones all day long when you’ve got one day a week to try to get better,” Regal said.

“I would be trying to get better. I would be asking or trying to learn something, right? You’ve got enough time on your own to chat with people or do something else on your other days that you’re not at work.

You should be trying to get better. I don’t care one way or the other, it’s entirely up to you. “My job, where I came from in NXT, I would politely go and talk to people, ‘Maybe you might want to invest a bit more time into this, and then maybe you’d be better at it instead of complaining about everything,’ right? This isn’t a fair job, so take all that out of it.

Sometimes it works out — it doesn’t matter how good you are — sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t”. William Regal still considers himself a student of the game. He stated that the has done many things outside of wrestling that have helped him perform well in the ring, at ringside, at the commentary table, and during promos.

“99% of us who have got to anywhere in this job or had a career out of it have had to put a lot of time and hard work into figuring it out. If you spend all your day messing about on your phone when you could be asking people and learning [from] people, that’s a problem to me.

It is and it isn’t. It’s one of those things that I had to shut off in my brain,” he said. Regal is all about helping talent to get better, but two aspects that he holds higher than anything else are sincerity and a willingness to learn.

“I’m gonna say this out loud: don’t come to me asking me just because you think you gotta ask, because I will see through you quicker than you wished I could, and now that I’ve said that out loud, in my old job, it was my job and I would help everybody.

If I think you’re just asking me now, ‘I better go and pretend that I’m asking,’ don’t waste my time because I’d rather be helping somebody who cares,” William Regal said.