Daivari was released by WWE

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Daivari was released by WWE

After the various layoffs due to the pandemic, WWE found itself with less staff than it had before, but with the return of the public the work obviously changed and there was a need to hire producers again to carry it on with the weekly shows.

According to PWInsider after WrestleMania 38, there had been a big push to have more producers to add to the company due to the workload and time the company expects of them. In addition, the report noted that: "The company recently instituted some budget cuts, so Curtis Axel and Ariya Daivari, who had worked as producers on an evidential basis, are no longer in the process of being inducted." This is said to have made the workload more difficult for the rest of the manufacturers.

Backstage news on Daivari

During a chat in 2021 on the House Of Hardcore podcast, Daivari recounted his experience in WWE as a wrestler: “I had tried it but they said no. There was a whole year in between and in 2015 I thought of a way to change things.

So I did some matches in Ring of Honor and in January 2016, I received an email saying: 'We have a new project' At the time, it was called the Global Cruiserweight Series or something. They told me, 'You are one of the guys we want to use for this project'

I thought maybe they had been waiting for just the right thing for me, and the Cruiserweight Classic probably was. I got the email in January and six months later, in the summer I started. It was fun and incredible." Daivari has been a lot of attention lately as he went on to be a producer in WWE, but he also went around other companies working fighting in the ring, because he was only actually rehearsing with Stamford's company at that time.

role. Even though the two no longer hold that role, in recent months they have produced some excellent matches and segments. But according to a recent update from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the tryouts have come to an end. Johnson stated that "budget cuts" are the reason that Curtis Axel and Ariya Daivari are no longer being brought into RAW and SmackDown, which has reportedly caused the other full-time producers to be "extremely overworked" to make up for their absence.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp (via Fightful Select) backed up Johnson's report stating that both men have been off the company's run sheets for weeks now as they are no longer being used going forward.