Roman Reigns finally returns to the ring

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Roman Reigns finally returns to the ring

In recent months, Roman Reigns has gone to consolidate his reign as WWE World Champion in a very important way, with the victory of Wrestlemania 38 which even led him to snatch the belt of WWE Champion from the Beast of the company: Brock Lesnar, starting thus a great new reign as the undisputed champion of the McMahon federation, having spent over 600 days as an unbeaten Universal Champion.

Needless to say, WWE is really betting very hard on its Undisputed Champion, with Reigns and his Bloodline not seeming to lose even an inch against their opponents, with Reigns not being pinned for a few years now, having also held one.

Very high victory score since returning to the scene with WWE after being absent for the initial period of the covid-19 pandemic. After also beating Riddle at Smackdown, with Orton's partner who will no longer be able to challenge him until the title is in the hands of the Tribal Chief, to return to shake the arenas of the company and the entire Bloodline, Brock Lesnar has thought of it, returned in the last episode of Smackdown, claiming yet another title match for Summerslam.

The latest news on Roman Reigns

In the latest advertisements staged on various social networks from the Madison Square Garden arena in New York, probably the most historical arena for the world of American pro-wrestling, we learn that in the Monday Night Raw episode of the next 25 July, a 3 vs 3 match will be staged between Roman Reigns' Bloodline, accompanied of course by cousins ​​Usos against Matt Riddle and the Street Profits.

At the moment, we do not know if cameras will film this match or if it will be the usual dark main event that WWE gives to fans who have paid for the ticket for the event, but the sure thing is who will be at Madison Square Garden in New York will see this great match.

At the event, a match between Seth Rollins and Riddle was initially advertised, which apparently either has been replaced by 3 vs 3 or one will be broadcast in the clear in front of the cameras and the other proposed only for the live arena.

The other major sponsored characters featured on Raw for 25 will be Ronda Rousey, Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, Logan Paul and Theory. While Reigns and Evans currently portray heel characters on SmackDown, the latter turned to her dark side more recently than The Tribal Chief.

She has maintained kayfabe on Twitter due to the storyline, and the aforementioned fan received an in-character response from her as a result.