Sheamus clarifies his plans for the future

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Sheamus clarifies his plans for the future

Sheamus is now a WWE veteran. During his career, the Irish superstar took the heavyweight title once, the WWE Championship three times, the US title three times, the Raw Tag Team Championship four times and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once.

He also won the 2010 edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament, the 2012 edition of the Royal Rumble match and the 2015 edition of the Money in the Bank. On April 3, on the second night of WrestleMania 38, Sheamus and Holland got the better of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

On 2 July, at Money in the Bank, the 44-year-old from Dublin took part in the Money in the Bank Ladder match alongside Drew McIntyre, Madcap Moss, Omos, Seth Rollins and Theory, but it was the latter who took possession of the briefcase.

Speaking on the radio show 'The Five Count', Sheamus revealed that he would love to make films in the next few years.

What's next for Sheamus?

"I have received several scripts in the last few months, some of which were really interesting" - confided Sheamus.

“Cinema has always fascinated me and I would like to enter that world. I could do both. It would be great to act for a couple of months and then be back in the ring for a couple of months. I love being in front of the cameras, whether it's wrestling or movies or TV series.

I've always loved this job. As long as I can make my life fun and exciting, I will continue to do so" - added the former US champion. Sheamus also spoke about The Undertaker, who entered the WWE Hall of Fame shortly before WrestleMania 38.

“He has spent nearly three decades in this business. I saw him give everything until the last match, even when he wasn't in top condition. I can assure you that he never spared himself, he always fought like he was 16.

There was certainly a part of him that spurred him to move forward, but he knew very well that he could no longer perform at certain levels." Sheamus has teamed up with stars before, most notably with Cesaro as The Bar.

The two won several tag team championships together before going their separate ways. Holland started to get a push in NXT before suffering an unfortunate injury. After the injury, he briefly returned to NXT but was immediately drafted to SmackDown.

Holland has the size and physique that the Chairman of WWE likes in his top stars. The British superstar could be a future champion and win major titles in the future.