Dutch Mantell comments on Lacey Evans' turn heel

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Dutch Mantell comments on Lacey Evans' turn heel

In the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown Lacey Evans and Aliyah were due to join forces to face a tag team match this week. However, The Sassy Southern Belle got mad at the WWE Universe present at the arena who disrespected her by booing her.

At that point, after trying to succeed and re-enter to look for a different reaction, the soldier decided to insult the crowd before attacking Aliyah and thus definitively making her turn heel, abandoning her character. Dutch Mantell talked about all this during a speech at Smack Talk, a Sportskeeda show: "At least they read the room [perceived the reactions of those present] And read it correctly.

I liked when she came out and said: 'Wait a minute. Let's do it again,'" Mantell said. “Then she went back and went out again. Then she walked in and that was a good interview. A really good interview because she is an American heroine and this is her sentence: 'I am an American hero, and you are booing an American hero.'

That part was good."

Dutch Mantell opens up on Lacey Evans

During the conversation, Dutch Mantell also said that WWE had brought Lacey Evans back as a babyface by not planning the turn heel: "They didn't plan that she was supposed to be heel when she started though.

They started with a 100% babyface and all for that. suddenly: "Woah Woah, let's go back. Let's retrace our steps." She's a pretty good heel. She's gone over tonight. But, I think she could go either way." Needless to say, it lasted very little as a face and there was already a possible turn heel in the air as the situation was really confusing around her character, with many thinking she could be a tweener or a character who is in the middle between.

face and heel. Finally, at least now we know exactly what kind of character she is. It has been about a year since Bayley last graced fans with her presence on WWE programming. During her feud with Bianca Belair in 2021, Bayley injured her leg while working out.

She has remained out of action since. With fans expecting Bayley to return, her alignment upon return is in question. Before the injury, Bayley was one of the top heels in the company. At one point, however, Bayley was a beloved babyface.

Lacey Evans vs. Ronda Rousey could be fresh. The two have never had a major bout against one another. With Evans so good at generating animosity, she could potentially help Rousey get even more cheers. It seems possible that Lacey's heel turn was done for a battle with The Baddest Woman On The Planet.