What were the real plans for Otis?


What were the real plans for Otis?

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE even decided to make one of its wrestlers vomit on command and that is Otis, with the former tag team champion of the red show, who had in fact been seen eating dozens of hot-dogs in a contest a few minutes before his match, together with Akira Tozawa and Angelo Dawkins of Street Profits.

After having a bout with the Street Profits, with Montez Ford hitting Otis with his own mighty Frog Splash, the massive WWE wrestler put back everything he ate in the ring, in a segment that appears to have been wanted by the company.

and not a hiccup. After returning from advertising, WWE has seen fit to revise also the moment of the "transfer" of Otis, with this idea that most likely belonged to the Chairman, Vince McMahon, who in the past years has already staged these segments, like with Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango in 1992 or with Darren Drozdov in 1998, on Monday Night Raw.

New details on Otis

Apparently, the disgusting segment wanted directly by the Chairman himself, Vince McMahon, should have gone even worse than it did on Raw, with the massive athlete actually throwing up a larger amount of food, right on his boots of his ally.

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful site, in fact: "The original plan was for Otis to throw up right on Chad Gable's wrestling boots, instead of spitting vomit around. I'm sure you all wanted to have this detail "Apparently, the federation patron would really like these types of segments, with the future of TV shows that could in fact contain several of these angles live on Raw or Smackdown, for happiness." Fans connected from home and especially those in the arenas.

Will you have to equip yourself with umbrellas to go to the WWE live shows from now on? Speaking to “The Bridge News,” the 30-year-old admitted he is scared of ladders and anything that crawls. “I hate ladders,” Otis said.

“Ladders, spiders, get me the hell away from both those things. Anything that crawls, get me the hell out of here. I’m a tough guy but I’ll turn into a real scaredy-cat when I see that kind of stuff”. Elaborating on his unexpected triumph, Otis amusingly referenced two Green Bay Packers legends to describe the moment he unhooked the briefcase.

“The ladder [briefcase hook] thankfully broke but then, as [like] an NFL catch, Brett Favre throwing the catch to Donald Driver, the briefcase hits me right in the hands and I become Mr. Money in the Bank,” Otis continued.

“It was a real fun time, man. I think that match just seemed like forever because we battled through everything and I think there’s I’m guessing four floors. We bashed them all, basically”.

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