Kenny Omega on Japanese talents: They come to the country not expecting hatred, but..


Kenny Omega on Japanese talents: They come to the country not expecting hatred, but..

Kenny Omega spoke with CEOGaming on Twitch about the Japanese talents within AEW and what awaits them upon their arrival in the USA “A lot of our international talent, they came to this country not really expecting everyone to be as relentless and ruthless, and have a shred of humanity,” Omega said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“It’s unfortunate that that’s not the case, it’s not the world that they came into. You know, it catches them off guard and it surprises them to feel so hated so suddenly, and they need to understand that, that doesn’t represent everyone’s feelings, that people literally have nothing else better to do than to go out of their way and create an account to tell them that, ‘this, that, or the other’, something negative anyway, probably not just about wrestling, probably about the way that they look, or the way that they sound, or not being able to speak English — all of that.

It’s really sad”.

Kenny Omega on Social Media

Many people today do not choose their words when they want to offend someone, and that is what annoys Omega. Social media has become a toxic environment where many express their frustrations and insult various athletes.

Precisely because of this, awareness of the importance of such a problem should be raised. “… Cases with Shida, Maki Itoh, Riho, [Yuka] Sakazaki, when I hear about what some of these pathetic motherf*ckers would say because they think somebody else that has a podcast or platform to say something negative, they think that makes it okay … The Joshi wrestlers are so much more refined.

They train seven days a f*cking week and are so much more smooth and professional, and we have never once had any sort of backstage political issue with Joshi wrestlers. They do whatever they can, whatever is asked for them,” Kenny Omega said.

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