Paul Wight discusses John Cena's return

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Paul Wight discusses John Cena's return

During the June 27 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE paid tribute to John Cena's 20-year career and many past Superstars wanted to pay homage to him with some home movies. Among the many WWE faces, we have seen Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Triple H and so on.

The particular thing, however, is that three stars who are currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling have also appeared in this way, namely Bryan Danielson, Paul Wight (Big Show) and Chris Jericho. This collaboration between AEW and WWE was possible thanks to the CEO of the first company Tony Khan, who said: "When people ask for a reasonable favor, I am a good Samaritan.

There is no reason why you can't help people. In this case, that's just trying to be a good Samaritan and doing the right thing to help if you think it's a good cause. In this case, John Cena's 20th-anniversary show, I think it's great.

It looked like a classy show and WWE contacted me personally and asked if we would be sending videos from some of the top stars. I gave those fighters the freedom in case they wanted to. I turned the request over to our head of Human Resources and she communicated the request to them asking if they wanted to do it, it's fine for us, but it's up to them [to decide]."

Paul Wight opens up on John Cena

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Paul Wight said, "As I said, it's still a business.

I've worked with John Cena, you know, probably for over 20 years. You know, I was instrumental in his early career, and throughout my career. career, I've had a lot of amazing fights with John Cena all over the world, I was making a joke that every five months, it was time for Big Show and John Cena to fight again.

I'm glad WWE gave me the opportunity to say thank you to John. It's really cool of Tony Khan to allow his under-contract talents to appear on another show to say thank you. This shows a lot of class I think from both companies.

You know, it's good to be competitive. At the same time, the talents involved are also human beings. I have a lot of friends still in WWE. So it's nice to be able, appropriately, to pay tribute to a friend who has had an amazing career.

Don't get me wrong, we still want to kick their ass and listen to them, but I wouldn't expect anything less from them." On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez confirmed that Cena won't be competing at SummerSlam this year, which is due to the fact that he's currently involved in filming the second season of the hit DC Comics TV show Peacemaker.

"I can confirm that being filmed right now is Peacemaker 2 and John Cena is involved," Bryan Alvarez said. "He's working on Peacemaker 2 as we speak. I presume that's why there have been discussions of him doing SummerSlam but then he showed up on Raw to announce 'someday I'll be back.

I don't know when don't know where but I'll be back someday.' Apparently, he's filming Peacemaker and that's why he can't do SummerSlam."