Alexa Bliss speaks about Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female superstar in WWE history

by Simone Brugnoli
Alexa Bliss speaks about Charlotte Flair

During an interview with Jinny of NXT UK for BT Sport, Alexa Bliss was asked if anyone had helped her understand the profession of a professional wrestler, and Bliss revealed that Sara Del Ray and her colleague Charlotte Flair played an important role in helping her lead the early stages of her career.

"We were starting around the same time and Charlotte definitely took me under her wing and she was that person. She let me go to the shows with her and Mojo. We became a very close group. I was really happy that one of my first matches was against Charlotte...

It was a moment to close the circle." The wrestler also continued the speech by adding that their bond has become strong thanks to two things in common: a past as gymnasts and a love for the workout. In fact, Charlotte as a child and teenager did rhythmic gymnastics, as well as volleyball, and in addition she always loves training a lot and had also become a personal trainer.

Alexa Bliss praises Charlotte Flair

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair both began their WWE careers around the same time, first moving on from development territory, namely NXT. Both women had their in-ring debuts within a year of each other with The Queen having her first televised single match on July 13, 2013, and Alexa in May 2014.

Then when they moved up to the main roster of course they collided at other times, like the one time at the Survivor Series with a gorgeous promo from the queen, or recently when Flair's daughter completely destroyed Lilly forcing Alexa to take a break.

Currently, Alexa Bliss is back to fight regularly on the Monday Night Raw roster, we also saw her among the stars of Money In The Bank a week ago, while Charlotte Flair is still out after the break she took in May to get married to Andrade El Idolo, but according to some rumors, she seems to be getting closer to returning as Summerslam approaches.

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