Paul Heyman is under attack

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Paul Heyman is under attack

In recent years, several WWE Superstars have decided to leave the McMahon-owned company, between those who have asked for the consensual termination of their agreement and those who have waited for this contract to expire, and then not go to renew it.

Among the many names who have opted for this choice, we find in fact characters of the caliber of: Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Andrade, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, the late Luke Harper and many other former WWE, who later went to work in the All Elite Wrestling rings.

Obviously, many other Superstars have been fired or in any case the WWE has made sure that they go away, such as Cesaro, the former WWE US Champion, who's said to have received a truly derisory and almost insulting offer, which he obviously refused, then moving on to the AEW rings, just a few weeks ago.

While this may seem strange, given the history of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, it appears that there is more going on behind the scenes, and Paul Heyman does not want the Championship to be held by someone who was not going to be there for a long time.

As many of you will recall, in his long stint in WWE, Cesaro was also joined for a time by Paul Heyman but eventually, WWE Swiss who didn't seem to be making the leap in quality that WWE wanted from him.

Dutch Mantell slams Paul Heyman

According to former WWE manager Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Colter in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, the main fault would be the Mad Genius, with Mantell who in his latest speech to Wrestling Shoot Interviews said: "Well, in wrestling when you go to an arena and you feel it, you also have to feel what the climate is in the room and how others see you, you have to understand what they think of you.

Like those two guys, even though there was a magnetic heat towards them, like Swagger and Cesaro together. Both guys over 1.80, strong and then I appear on TV one day and they put him (Cesaro) with Heyman and I ask the road agents, 'Why?' even though I had never really doubted them.

I was grateful to be there, but I thought, why make a move like that? He was going over. We were all going over there. Well Vince, you wanted to put him with Paul Heyman and I then said 'Why?' and they said to me 'Vince thinks he can get more heat like this' He was going over with us, he really was doing it and then they put him up with Heyman and three weeks later they took him up close to Heyman because Heyman had already killed him."