WWE modifies a titled match for SummerSlam

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WWE modifies a titled match for SummerSlam

Throughout the year, there are several large premium live events that WWE fans follow with much more interest. Obviously, first of all, there is Wrestlemania, the greatest creation of Vince McMahon, patron of the Stamford-based company, which brings to the United States, every year, hundreds and hundreds of fans from all over the world and from all continents, the which flock to a stadium or a huge arena in the States, to follow the vicissitudes of the most important pro-wrestling superstars in the world.

Immediately after Wrestlemania, however, comes another great event: SummerSlam, which takes place, as the name suggests, in the summer, and this year repeats on Saturday and not on Sunday, like almost all the premium live events that WWE offers, even if after the covid things have changed a bit.

Summerslam is obviously the most watched event since Wrestlemania, with the summer Big Four coming with hotel packages, just like the Showcase of the Immortals, for fans who come from outside.

Latest news on SummerSlam

The direction for The Usos at SummerSlam seems to be clear.

They faced Los Lotharios and picked up the win with relative ease on SmackDown before Kayla Braxton interviewed them and asked about the Money in the Bank controversy. During the episode of Monday Night Raw aired this night, on the screens of USA Network, WWE wanted to propose a particular angle, in which it asserted that in the next summer Big Four, the match that will see the Usos up for grabs both duo champion titles, Raw and Smackdown, will have a special referee.

During the last few hours, in fact, the official WWE Twitter profile had reported how the official referee of the dispute could be a mysterious referee, with the face of R-Truth who appeared in the rings of the red show, dressed as the official of the company.

The odd wrestler confirmed how he is training for the Summerslam contest, with the Usos not frowning upon the company's 24/7 multi-champion wrestler, with all that leading to a 3 vs 3 match, among the Street Profits and R-Truth on one side and Usos and Omos on the other, with the Nigerian giant who has decided to join forces with the Tribal Chief's cousins.

Shortly before the contest, it seemed that Omos was also intent on acting as a special guest referee in the contest, so at the moment we don't know for sure who will really be the referee of the title match valid for the tag team titles at Summerslam, but apparently, he will not be one of the usual official WWE professionals.