Mick Foley returns to WWE with a particular contract

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Mick Foley returns to WWE with a particular contract

One of the sacred monsters of the WWE hardcore sector and in general of all the most important companies in the world, undoubtedly responds to the name of Mick Foley. The nickname with which the WWE Hall of Famer is often referred to is in fact "Hardcore Legend", with some matches in the career of the former WWF world champion, which are recognized by anyone, as milestones in history of the entire discipline of pro-wrestling.

How can we forget the two flights in and out of King of the Ring 1998's Hell in a Cell, where a Mick Foley as Mankind was thrown from below by the company's Deadman, The Undertaker, finding fractures and losses of multiple teeth, with such contention that it has remained within the minds of WWE Universe fans for decades.

Apparently, Mick Foley's career may not have ended, at least not as an on-screen character in the McMahon company, given that if the athlete can no longer fight, in recent years he has also held the role of General Manager on Monday Night Raw rings.

Mick Foley returns to WWE

After spending a few years without a job, with the WWE Hall of Famer having in fact participated in several autograph signing sessions and photos with fans, just to make some money, his official confirmation has arrived, that Mick Foley has returned to be a full-fledged WWE Legend, complete with a signed contract with the McMahons, as happened a few months ago with Boogeyman.

Recently, the Hardcore Legend wanted to confirm everything in a video also posted from the official page of the Pro Wrestling Tees merchandising site, with Foley saying: "Hi everyone, this is the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley.

I just wanted to explain why my merchandise will no longer be available on Pro Wrestling Tees after July 31st. There is no heat or friction whatsoever, they are still in a very good relationship with Pro Wrestling Tees. I just signed a new Legend deal with WWE and so I have the exclusive t-shirt with them." I mean three Champions have been crowned on the very same night.

The first was Titus O'Neil, the second was Robert Roode, and the current Champion is R-Truth. While a lot of serious wrestling fans may not really be invested in such a title, it is impossible to deny that it adds an element of unpredictability to the overall proceedings.

It's the same reason why Brock Lesnar is Mr. Money in the Bank. There's always the threat of The Beast cashing in his contract when we least expect him to.