Jim Cornette pays tribute to Theory

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Jim Cornette pays tribute to Theory

Industry expert Jim Cornette explained why he believes Theory is better than former AEW world champion Kenny Omega. By its very nature, pro wrestling is a subjective art form with many fans and wrestlers having their favorites and whatever they like for different reasons.

Some fans prefer good storytelling, others a great 30-minute match in the ring. However, this opens up another debate on what it means to be a great fighter. He also talked about Theory.

Jim Cornette praises Theory

Speaking on a recent episode of his 'Jim Cornette Experience' podcast, the legendary manager explained that according to his idea, Theory is better than Kenny Omega: "Theory is someone who knows the business or at least what it is now.

Back then. it was important to understand the business, it was more important to get them to believe in what they were doing than to put on a big show. Kenny Omega just makes moves and dips. He has no idea how to put together a match to have logic from start to finish.

He can't pull the strings well, he is self-taught, he acts like he's a video game character. It's always the same thing. Because he acts like he's a video game character. That's why his matches don't make sense. That's why nobody sells anything except when they sell they hit the right button so they can sell." On the comparison with MJF: "Theory is a guy like MJF.

He will be able to compete with so many emotions, he will be able to psychologically involve you in what he is doing. If Theory has the same freedom on promos as MJF has, he will be able to to convince you. That's why Austin Theory is better than Kenny Omega.

I didn't say acrobat but a better Superstar. And for the business we operate in that relies on work, that's important." The relationship between AEW Superstar Kenny Omega and Jim Cornette has never been idyllic. In the past, in fact, the two have had several verbal clashes on social networks.

After moving back to NXT, Theory was paired with the power couple: Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano. He recently found his way back to the main roster, quickly becoming popular. He has already defeated top WWE Superstars such as Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio.

On the November 22, 2021, episode of RAW, he had a major segment with Vince McMahon that gave him a WWE Championship match against Big E.