Charlotte Flair announces a new project

Charlotte Flair is one of the most loved athletes ever

by Simone Brugnoli
Charlotte Flair announces a new project

On 11 July 2022 the wrestler Charlotte Flair officially launched her new project together with Rockford, jewelry designer. Rockford produces wonderful and precious jewels, sometimes even personalized at the request of customers, and has already collaborated with The Queen in the past, in fact, some rings had already been made for her that she also wore in WWE, and a necklace had been created with a pendant of a luchador mask full of precious stones, which we can practically always see around the neck of her husband Andrade.

In addition, Rockford also made wedding rings for the two.

Charlotte Flair doesn't stop

Charlotte Flair hasn't appeared on WWE programming since WrestleMania Backlash but has kept herself plenty busy during her time away from the company.

The producers announced the collaboration: "Rockford is proud to present something special that has been in the works for some time in our workshops with 13-time women's wrestling champion Ashley Fliehr." While Charlotte wrote on Twitter: “Months of collaboration, dozens of designs, proud of this collection.

I present to you: ASHLEY X ROCKFORD, unis*x rings,” with attached the link to the collection page. Certainly, they are somewhat particular designs, visually very important with rings that have nothing very classic, but if you like the genre they are really well done and you can see that behind them there is a study and workmanship by great professionals.

The collection is called “Eminence” and features six different types of rings with a price ranging from €1,810 up to €3,453, with precious stones and the possibility to choose between different metals.

Obviously, we do our compliments and congratulations to Charlotte Flair for this beautiful project and we hope that she's successful while waiting to see her again as soon as possible in the WWE rings as we are used to doing.

Although she hasn't been seen on WWE programming since WrestleMania Backlash where she lost her title to Ronda Rousey in an 'I quit match', the company is still making certain that Charlotte Flair is featured prominently in regards to the current SmackDown women's division.

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