Raw: Brock Lesnar destroyed everyone

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Raw: Brock Lesnar destroyed everyone

Dear readers welcome or welcome back to a new Monday Night RAW report. So, let's get started! The episode opens with the entry of the best fighter around, as well as my idol in the world of wrestling and mixed martial arts or THE BEAST BROCK LESNAR!

The former WWE champion claims Reigns got it all as a pig would, but there's an old saying in Texas that makes him smile: "Pigs are fattened and then slaughtered" (Sorry vegetarian friends and vegans for what I just wrote).

Theory came up with his Money in the Bank briefcase and said that he would cash in on his contract at the SummerSlam.

Brock Lesnar kicked off WWE RAW

The latest episode of RAW opened with Brock Lesnar and he kicked off the show.

He took shots at Roman Reigns and called the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion a “Tribal Hog” and promised to slaughter him. Paul Heyman then interrupted to speak on behalf of The Tribal Chief. At SummerSlam, says Lesnar, he will kick Reigns in the ass in a way never seen before.

And here comes Paul Heyman, who immediately tries to respond in kind to Lesnar, without succeeding. After which he reminds everyone that Lesnar has finished careers, won titles, finished unthinkable "streaks" but that Reigns' streak as a champion will not be able to finish it.

After which Theory arrives reminding everyone that at SummerSlam he will be ready to cash in the briefcase; he is invited into the ring by Lesnar but Mr. Money in the Bank refuses. Finally, the Alpha Academy arrives ready to take the Beast by surprise, without succeeding.

In fact, the Next Big Thing manages to KO both opponents using clotheslines, suplexes, steel steps, and chairs, and finally executes an F-5 on Otis on the commentator's table, destroying him. We will see some good ones at SummerSlam.

The Alpha Academy came out attacking Brock, but things didn’t end too well for them. Lesnar hit them with steel steps and steel chairs and threw them around with some suplexes. He ended the segment by hitting Otis with an F5 on the announcement table.

Theory tagged back in but was locked in the Bro-mission. Riddle broke the hold, and tags were made before Lashley got a neckbreaker on Rollins. Seth was hit with a massive power slam, but Theory broke up the pin.