Raw: Carmella got a weird victory

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Raw: Carmella got a weird victory

RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH - BIANCA BELAIR © VS CARMELLA Before this match, Becky Lynch shows up and says she is devastated that she has not won the women's MITB (poor, she wants to become like her friend Charlotte) and that in all of this she does the bunch a lot and gives the titled match to Carmella.

She also expects a Championship match at SummerSlam. Finally, here is the match that, in my humble opinion, they liked. They pulled off a better match than Money in the Bank. Sure, it wasn't all as bubbly as Champagne but not as bad as a degassed Coke.

Carmella's catch as she threw herself from the stake is something extraordinary that makes me realize how the hell Bianca Belair is physically strong.

Carmella defeated Bianca Belair

A RAW Women’s Championship match was booked between Carmella and Bianca Belair on Monday night.

Becky Lynch wasn’t happy that Carmella got two back-to-back title shots and demanded to face the winner of the contest at SummerSlam. The closing of the match was bad, that is Bianca and Carmella are out of the ring, the latter is thrown back into the ring, and Becky arrives and distracts Bianca who in turn is counted out, losing the match.

WINNER: CARMELLA // BIANCA BELAIR REMAINS CHAMPION. Belair took control early on and sent Carmella outside before we headed for a break. Back on RAW, Carmella got some big moves in and tried for a rollup, but the champion got out of it.

Bianca went for the standing moonsault, but Mella got her knees up. Belair blocked a superkick before trying for the KOD. Carmella managed to reverse it but failed to get the pin. After the match, Carmella said, "I am sick and tired of everyone talking about my looks, I'm here to be in the conversation.

I'm here to be the top woman of this division. I'm here to do it all. I can have the looks, I can have the smarts, I can have the matches, I can talk on the microphone, what can't I do? I am sick and tired of everyone just talking about my looks. I went out there and I proved why I should be RAW Women's Champion because Mella is Money."