William Regal: My wife would not have Chris Bennett anywhere near my house

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William Regal: My wife would not have Chris Bennett anywhere near my house

William Regal spoke about Chris Bennett in Gentleman Villain after Jordynne Grace's comments on Bennett. Regal thinks she shouldn't have done that “I do not understand, this is just me personally, why people want to thrive off the misery of this, especially when there’s children involved, and Sandra, and Chris’ ex-wife,” he said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.“They have their lives to lead, just leave them alone, that’s my piece on that”.

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Chris and Regal were on good terms and lived close to each other. After Bennett had divorced his wife, their relationship ended. Namely, Regal's wife did not allow Bennett to appear in their house. “My wife would not have Chris anywhere near my house,” Regal said.

“Eventually Chris moved from six miles away from where I lived, once he was with Nancy. Chris knew that he was not allowed near my house, so any of our social life ended then … We used to knock around with each other in the ’90s, but by the 2000s I wasn’t going out anymore, so when we were back together in WWE, our only time that we were ever together was at work … We still had a, ‘Hello, how’re you doing?’ and that was it, and he understood the situation at my home, that he wasn’t allowed, and because we lived six miles apart, we never saw each other”.

After the horrific crime, Bennett became a major topic in the media at the time. Regal does not know where the house where the crime took place is, but it is close to him. “The house that all these terrible things happened in, I didn’t even know where it was,” William Regal said.

“I knew it was not far from where I lived, as far as probably another six miles away or so, I’m not sure, because I still don’t know where it is”.

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