Vince McMahon imposes a ban on his referees

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Vince McMahon imposes a ban on his referees

Over the years, decades and especially in the last period, since the federation became a listed company, WWE has created a sort of black list, in which it has inserted various terms, words and definitions, which absolutely cannot be mentioned in front of the cameras of the company, with words like "belt", "blood" and "Diva", which have now become obsolete from the vocabulary of the Superstars of the WWE.

In recent months, the entire list of terms literally banned by Vince Mcmahon has come out, with which the WWE was sensationally dispensing with the terms "wrestling" and "wrestler"; a rather paradoxical thing if you think that WWE is precisely the number one company in the world when it comes to the discipline of pro-wrestling.

In addition to these terms not allowed in front of the company's cameras, Chairman Vince McMahon has also decided to put unwritten rules on his staff, such as the one on tattoos, with characters who can bring them on stage and others who must necessarily cover them, such as referees.

Vince McMahon is in trouble

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg revealed that he cried when Vince McMahon told him that he would no longer be partnering with Billy Gunn. In his latest interview, famed former WWE referee Mike Chioda, fired in one of Stamford's very first major release waves after 30 years of honorable service with WWE, wanted to talk about the various bans the Chairman made over the course of the years on his employees, with one of them who saw the referees not being able to wear tattoos on visible parts of the body.

In his speech to the microphones of the Monday Mailbag podcast, Mike Chioda said: "It was a definite no. You couldn't wear long sleeves, you couldn't have tattoos on your arms. I have one here on my arm, but my sleeve has always covered it in all the years I've worked with them "Furthermore, Vince McMahon also demanded that the referees have a fit physique, going to take back the overweight ones, with Chioda who added: "I remember one day he came up to me and said 'drop a few pounds' and things like that and I said 'I'm working on it, sir!' I mean, the referees in there are more training than learning to referee.

Those guys are in great shape these days, man. Vince McMahon always insisted on having certain things and he always knew how to get them." Road Dogg hasn't performed in the ring since 2015 when he and Billy Gunn teamed up to face The Ascension at Royal Rumble.

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