The Undertaker reveals how his Streak was born

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The Undertaker reveals how his Streak was born

The Undertaker entered the collective imagination as one of the best performers of all time. His iconic gimmick has transcended wrestling, having made entire generations of fans fall in love in every corner of the planet. Barring sensational and unlikely twists, his last match in WWE will remain the one against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36.

Within the docuseries, 'The Last Ride', the Digger admitted that he was no longer able to sustain the rhythms required by professional wrestling and was therefore calling time on his career. The Deadman officially retired from the 2020 Survivor Series, not before receiving a beautiful tribute from friends and colleagues.

Shortly before WrestleMania 38, the 'Phenom' was inducted with full merit into the WWE Hall of Fame by Vince Mcmahon himself. Interviewed by Peter Rosenberg for 'A&E Biography: WWE Legends', Taker recounted how his famous 'Streak' was born at the 'Showcase of the Immortals'

The Undertaker is a WWE Hall of Famer

"To be honest, I haven't realized it for a while. After my win against Ric Flair in Toronto, Michael Hayes pointed out to me that I had not yet lost at WrestleMania” - recalled The Undertaker.

“I realized it was true and from that moment on I started thinking about it quite frequently. In the following years, more and more fuel was thrown on that Streak, until it became a huge thing ”- he added. Taker then revealed which opponents he feels most attached to: “Well, the story between Kane and the Undertaker was perhaps the most intriguing that has ever been told in wrestling.

My rivalry with Kane is at the top of the list because it has had so many facets to it. I can't fail to mention my feud with Mick Foley, we have done a lot of innovative things together. Then I am reminded of the battles against Shawn Michaels and Triple H at WrestleMania.

All these matches were connected to each other through a thin thread” - he commented. During a previous appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Vince McMahon announced he'd induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame. Over the years, McMahon has inducted only a handful of superstars, including 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

"Yep, The Undertaker is of course going to be in the Hall of Fame and I'm going to have the distinction of inducting him into the Hall of Fame. One of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life. I like the guy, I love the guy."

The Undertaker