Latest update on Bianca Belair's future

Bianca Belair managed to win the title of SmackDown Women's Champion by beating Sasha Banks

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Bianca Belair's future

Bianca Belair managed to win the title of SmackDown Women's Champion by beating Sasha Banks in a historic match at Wrestlemania 37. In fact, the two clashed in the main event on the first evening, the first main event with two black women in the history of Showcase Of The Immortals.

Although everyone at that moment experienced a magical moment especially happy with this victory for the EST, unfortunately, it all vanished when at Summerslam 2021 Becky Lynch returned beating her in 27 seconds and depriving her of her belt.

Plus Bianca continues to be a bit unlucky with her challengers.

Backstage news on Bianca Belair

Speaking with Andreas Hale and Kel Dansby on the Corner Podcast, Bianca Belair discussed how the changes hurt her reign with the blue show champion belt.

"It's hard, and it gets frustrating for me at times. Even with my reign under the title of SmackDown, I didn't feel able to live it to its fullest potential as a SmackDown Women's Champion, counting how short the reign was, and also with my feuds.

Bayley gets injured - can't wait for Bayley to come back - Bayley gets injured, Carmella has to intervene at Summerslam. Not being able to have these incredible matches that I might have had in my titled realm and being able to go against other big competitors to prove I'm a winner, and then it all gets cut short.

Fast forward, it's like deja vu, it's happening again. The opponents I should have, I'm not having. It gets frustrating, but I try to look at it as something like, 'I have to adapt and it's making me a better competitor and keeping me focused.'

I always want to show that I will always be there, reliable, and able to introduce myself and show off. Be the common denominator of any great moment that can happen. If anyone else can't show up, Bianca Belair is about to be there.

Bianca Belair will be in the mix of the great moments and we will talk about her. This is really my main goal, to be a part of great moments and always be available so that my name can always stay in the conversation. Whenever they want a great match or a great moment, Bianca Belair's name comes up in the conversation because they know I'm about to face it, introduce myself and show off." In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Bianca Belair had a positive response when asked for her thoughts on Stephanie's new role.

The EST of WWE referred to McMahon as an inspiration and someone she has always looked up to. "I love Stephanie, I think Stephanie is such an inspiration. Out of all the women that I can think of, she's someone that I've always looked up to.

She fills, she checks all the boxes off, and she doesn't stay in one box. She's a mom, she's a wife, she's a CEO, she's a boss. She's just all-around just inspiration to me," said Belair.

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