Tamina opens up on Liv Morgan

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Tamina opens up on Liv Morgan

Interviewed by well-known journalist Ryan Satin on her Out Of Character podcast, Tamina talked about Liv Morgan's victory of the Smackdown title, a victory that was long overdue, but which then came to Money In The Bank.

Liv Morgan won the SmackDown Women's Championship at Money In The Bank after cashing in her MITB contract on Ronda Rousey. The latter defeated Natalya mere seconds before Morgan cashed in her briefcase on the former UFC fighter.

Tamina reflects on Liv Morgan

When Satin mentioned Liv Morgan, Tamina replied: “Oh my God yes. It's funny you said that too, she's my baby, she's the locker room baby. When she walked in, she was like the youngest in the locker room, by far the youngest." And continuing the speech obviously, the Samoan said she was very happy to finally see her with the belt around her waist: "You know, when you want it for someone so, so much, like yes, there are things you want for yourself.

But friend, when you want something for someone else, so much, it was her, and she got it. And it was like everyone felt it because you see the hard work, day after day, week after week, house show after house show, pay-per-view after pay-per-view, I see all the girls working hard.

I see all the girls pushing hard. Not everyone gets to see what they go through in life, and not everyone gets to see what's going on on the other side of things. But this it is why we are all so close in the sense that we all try to sit there elevating each other, and this is the only way you can do it because of everything you go through.

Liv went through it. Liv did something a lot of people dream of, holy shit, I wish I could get to that level. I wish I could work hard. Guess what? You can because you just proved it. She just did, and I get a little touched because you have that love for people in that sense and you want them to be successful, and you want them to have that.

So when she finally got it, and she won it, yeah, I felt it for that. Yes, I was happy. Everyone was happy. She deserved it, and she got it, man."

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