Theory reveals the origin of his ring name

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Theory reveals the origin of his ring name

You know, the names that are used by wrestlers as ring names are usually never the real ones, such as Finn Balor/Fergal Devitt, Roman Reigns / Leati Joseph Anoa'i, Becky Lynch/Rebecca Quin and many, many others. Some wrestlers who appear on WWE, AEW and other TV shows, in addition to the various indies, are presented to us with certain names and therefore we wonder “Why is it called that? Why did you choose this name? Will it have a special meaning for him?" Since he is among the most popular wrestlers of the moment, among the youngest to hold the US title in WWE and is the youngest Mister Money in the Bank in the history of the federation, it couldn't be helped but to mention Austin Theory, which later became only Theory.

In an interview that is becoming very fashionable these days, released at the beginning of his career to Youtuber Chris Van Vliet, when he recently began to tread the Performance Center ring and then those of NXT first and RAW then, Austin Theory he said he was inspired by a video game of the TEKKEN Saga and he also told many other anecdotes.

Theory got a big push

"When I was a child, around 8 years old, I started watching wrestling on TV and I would have done anything to practice 'trampoline wrestling' in the garden," said Theory, the reigning Mister Money in the Bank, who then continued: "One of my friends had a PSP, I don't know if it still exists, I'm not a video game lover, but this friend of mine had an interesting game, namely Tekken and there was a character named Brandon Fury (actually the name is Bryan, but we report the news as it was given, with Theory probably getting confused) and I was shocked by the fantastic name it had.

So I thought, "I must have a cool name too" but I couldn't remove Austin, which is my real name (Austin White) but I didn't want to copy Fury, so I looked for something that rhymes with this name and I found Theory, so I said, 'Okay, I'll call myself Austin Theory.'

Once I entered the world of wrestling, many people asked me the meaning of this name and I explained that Theory is not demonstrable, it is not a fact and therefore if not proven I can therefore improve. myself. Then it got a bit more complicated because people thought the explanation was too dispersed and so for a while, I said, 'I liked Austin Theory as a name because it's very cool.'

" Vince Mcmahon's handpicked star has been on a roll in 2022. He has gained a lot of momentum by being put in several important spots and winning the Money In the Bank contract.

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