Bianca Belair has a great idea


Bianca Belair has a great idea

WWE will return to Saudi Arabia this fall as announced on May 24 during an episode of Monday Night Raw. The company will bring the 2022 edition of Crown Jewel to Riyadh on November 5th, returning to the country for the fourth consecutive year.

The last event held in Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, dates back to February 2022 when the WWE decided to bring Elimination Chamber to Arabian land, enjoying some success, but not replicating the beautiful premium live event made on 21 October 2021, Crown Jewel.

Bianca Belair has looked fairly dominant in her reign, especially considering the depth of talent in WWE's Women's Division. Speaking on The Mayman Show, Bianca Belair discussed WWE's transcendent power of crossing cultural barriers and also revealed which match could be part of the card she starred in, and also talked about the opponent she would like to face.

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The EST in fact illustrated everything like this: "What better place than Saudi Arabia? I had a meeting with Charlotte Flair before Crown Jewel before leaving, and it ended up in DQ, so we have to do it again ...

It could be a Last Woman Standing. I mean, I feel like we are both women who would throw everything they have to give out there and keep it on a tightrope and could really prove that they are like two people who have what it takes [to succeed/win], who want to show who is the toughest of all." Bianca Belair is currently the Raw Champion and has yet to go through some premium live events like Summerslam and Clash At The Castle, with Becky Lynch gasping for breath, but still obsessed with defeating Charlotte Flair to complete her collection.

personal victories towards the Four Horsewomen. In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Bianca Belair had a positive response when asked for her thoughts on Stephanie's new role. "I love Stephanie, I think Stephanie is such an inspiration.

Out of all the women that I can think of, she's someone that I've always looked up to. She fills, she checks all the boxes off, she doesn't stay in one box. She's a mom, she's a wife, she's a CEO, she's a boss. She's just all-around just inspiration to me," said Belair.

"Everybody's already excited about it. When I was watching the [#1 contender's] match and I saw Rhea win, I was gonna be facing Rhea next, I was excited about it. With the history that we have from NXT to the Royal Rumble, to WrestleMania 37, she was RAW Women's Champion, I was SmackDown Women's Champion, so she's held this title before."

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