Virgil is semi-paralyzed


Virgil is semi-paralyzed

As we, unfortunately, learned last May, the legendary athlete and manager of the then WWF, Virgil's said to be fighting second-stage cancer, which is also leading him to give up his last savings, which already weren't much.

As they say, when it rains it pours, because the athlete just a few weeks earlier had announced that he had had two strokes and was suffering from dementia, with the latest announcement about cancer, which left everyone terribly sad, with the words from the former WWE Superstar that were: "It's a shit right now.

To make matters worse, I know I have stage two colon cancer. I am a fighter, but I need help. I can't afford any medical expenses and I would love to have your support." Obviously, after launching this appeal, a charity auction has also been set up where anyone can donate any amount of money they want for Virgil at will.

with numerous fans and insiders who immediately began donating money to the cause of the legendary WWE manager, including the ever present Chris Jericho, who made a substantial donation for his former colleague.

New details on Virgil

In an article that emerged on the Slam Wrestling website, in which one of Virgil's closest friends, Shawn Raneri, was interviewed, it is reported that the former historic manager of the WWF would have suffered a really nice hard backlash after the two strokes he had.

In fact, the article reports that: "Virgil does not have or can use a computer and only makes phone calls. The athlete cannot even do simple calculations, both due to his condition and due to the lack of education in schools, as a child.

Currently, due to the two strokes, Virgil is unable to use most of both arms and spends most of his time watching TV. Unfortunately for him, many long-time friends, such as Tito Santana, Rick Martel and Ted DiBiase, haven't even bothered to know how the former athlete was since his physical situation started to deteriorate." A few weeks ago, Virgil shared a hilarious post on his Instagram handle and made a bold claim about Mahaan, calling him the next Brock Lesnar.

"You ain’t never gonna meet a bigger Veer guy. Haven’t been this excited since the Ascension got signed. You see Veer was my creation. It’s a spin-off of Veergil. So basically he pays homage to the chutney killah who drips beefy beef all day.

Pasanda and Pasta bay bay. Let’s watch the next Brock Lesnar whiff his a** into stardom. Thoughts????" wrote Virgil.

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