Valerie Loureda thanks Charlotte Flair

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Valerie Loureda thanks Charlotte Flair

At the end of June, we reported that WWE had officially signed MMA fighter Valerie Loureda after she had already appeared in the NXT backstage a few weeks earlier and had visited the Performance Center. The woman had confirmed everything as a guest at "The MMA Hour".

On social media, she had also written: “I am honored to become the first Cuban American woman in history to sign with WWE. I come from an immigrant family, now it's my time to represent our Latin culture, I was destined for this.

Thanks for this WWE and NXT opportunity. I will make you proud." But now after a couple of weeks, we learn how she came to sign with the Stamford-based company deciding to throw herself into this new career as did other MMA colleagues, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler to name two.

Thanks to recent advertisements, we now have a better idea of when Charlotte Flair will be returning to WWE.

Valerie Loureda on Charlotte Flair

Speaking with Sam Roberts of Fightful, Valerie Loureda said: "Yes, Charlotte Flair is what pushed me to do it.

My last fight was in November and in my mind, I was still fighting. Then, I went to Wrestlemania - there Have you ever been guys? It's just another level. You go there and then you come out different than you were before. That's what made me change my mind and I just prayed for this opportunity and it came out." Apparently the two felt a lot with some private messages, but they also had a small public interaction on Twitter, which at the time could seem almost banal and casual, a wish from the veteran towards a new Superstar, but after these statements takes a whole other meaning.

In fact, the fighter wrote a couple of days ago: "I'm already looking forward to starting at the WWE Performance Center. One more week," with The Queen sharing her tweet replying: “Good luck woman!" While speaking to ESPN, Valerie Loureda stated that she attended The Grandest Stage of Them All and immediately fell in love with the glitz and spectacle of WWE.

"I'm an entertainer. I love glamour. I love production, I love storytelling. And when I saw the WWE, I realized this is everything I'm good at in one place. Not only that, but I saw the opportunity to be the first Cuban American woman to be a WWE superstar," said Loureda.

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