Big E will return to WWE with a new role

Big E has never had the chance to fully show his talent

by Simone Brugnoli
Big E will return to WWE with a new role

In March, WWE aired, like every Friday, one of its episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, one of the most anticipated shows of the week by WWE Universe fans along with Monday Night Raw. As unfortunately happens very often, there was also a small incident at ringside, where the former WWE Champion Big E suffered a bad neck injury, which forced him to leave the arena on a stretcher and then to undergo tests that found a double fracture confirmed by the same athlete with a video on social media, of the nature of which, initially, we did not know much yet.

Fortunately, the mobility of the limbs and fingers and toes was not compromised, which, with an injury like this is always good, but the injury remained for months and now Big E continues to grapple with it. rehabilitation and this problem ever since, so much so that WWE and its fans are still a little worried about the future of the former WWE Champion.

After skipping Wrestlemania 38 and all the other major federation events since that now distant March, Big E has released important good news regarding his neck, taking off after weeks the orthopedic collar he wore for a long time and revealing that his two fractures are improving a lot over time, starting to heal.

Backstage News on Big E

In the last few hours, Big E was interviewed by the microphones of ESPN, an important American sports broadcaster, to which E also wanted to reveal how he will return to work with WWE over the Summerslam weekend, where he will work alongside the COO of the company, Triple H, as a scout and road agent of the federation.

The former WWE Champion, in fact, will support the Triple in the choice of the new boys that WWE will have to put under contract at the next important tryouts of the federation, which will be staged in Nashville. In his interview, Big E further stated: "I hope there is a new program for the kids, coming out of college because they spend a lot of time studying on campus for their sport or participating in their sport or playing their sport.

They commit a lot of the time of their life to it and then let it go, what a great pity. It is difficult then to prepare for this. It was a really difficult thing for me, even preparing myself mentally." W ith these words, Big E then asked that a program be set up that would prepare students for a possible future in the world of professional sports, such as the world of pro-wrestling, with a great base of preparation that would greatly help the students to start getting carried away with the commitments of the WWE and all the other companies that use the body and mind of their performers.

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