Johnny Gargano amazed by two talents

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Johnny Gargano amazed by two talents

Johnny Gargano may no longer be a part of the WWE when his contract expires, but during the "Good Karma Wrestling" podcast he invited all fans to continue watching the episodes of NXT 2.0. However, Johnny Wrestling has said he is a big fan of wrestling and therefore enjoys seeing the discipline as it comes.

What's next for Johnny Gargano?

The current NXT 2.0 product is very different from the old NXT it was a part of previously, and for this reason, Johnny Gargano doesn't believe they can be compared: "Honestly, I think it's a completely different product and they are doing something completely new.

I understand perfectly, they have moved on to a more developed program. I think that's also fair. They are building new athletes for the future and have a lot of big stars that can emerge in the future and hopefully become big superstars someday."

There are several people who according to Gargano have enormous potential to become great Superstars, two of whom ignited their feud after Tuesday night's NXT: "Cora Jade and Roxanne have a special place in my heart because they are a bit like me, they are wrestling fans who are growing up with the dream of wrestling in WWE.

It was what they dreamed of doing. Now those two girls have the opportunity to go out there and live their dream to show everyone their passion. So, I'm super happy to see those two have such an opportunity." Another wrestle that Johnny Gargano trusts and sees great things in him is Indi Hartwell.

The latter is someone Gargano had the chance to work closely with during their time on The Way alongside Theory and Candice LeRae. She also managed to win the women's couple titles at NXT with Candice LeRae but in recent times she has mostly done comedy segments.

On his wife's former tag team partner: “Indi Hartwell is still great. I think she is a Superstar in the truest sense of the word, I think she just needs an opportunity to wow the whole world. She is a person you turn the light on and you know it will all be great.

She is not only good in the ring, I think Indi is a talent not yet fully exploited." Since leaving WWE, Gargano has never returned to the ring for a match but has started shopping and dating as fans wait patiently to see what his next move will be.