Big E's future is still uncertain

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Big E's future is still uncertain

With a video posted by the New Day athlete on his personal Twitter profile, Big E wanted to show just a few days ago all the improvements that his neck was able to do with only a few months of rest and physiotherapy, showing how he's doing, despite the two fractures.

After suffering a very bad blow in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown in which he took part in the month of March, Big E had been forced to be immobilized with an orthopedic collar for months, but in the last few weeks, E wanted to confirm to his fans that he literally threw the instrument and that now he can also move his neck very well, obviously always following a therapy.

Initially, there was a lot of apprehension towards the former WWE Champion, with the first diagnosis speaking of the possibility of not being able to fight anymore or even of a possible surgery to fuse two vertebrae because one of the two fractures was not still welding as it should have.

The latest news on Big E

In his latest interview, the well-known New Day athlete wanted to talk about the possibility that his career as an athlete ended here, with the same wrestler also revealing how he will return to work with WWE in Summerslam in the meantime, as a scout and road.

agent, alongside Triple H in the various tryout matches that WWE will do at the same weekend. To TMZ Sports microphones, Big E said: "Yes, I think honestly, my philosophy as a human being is to learn to be happy with what life gives me.

I am so thankful that I am not in a wheelchair, but if I had ended up with it, I would have fixed my life. based on that. This is how I plan everything because if I spend hours or days or weeks mourning my life and life is not the way I want it, this doesn't help anyone, especially me ...

worrying about it, being myself, I'm just sick. It is not a useful thing. I believe I'll be at peace whatever happens. Whether I can fight back, I will have peace with this thing. If I can no longer fight, so it will be. My limbs work.

I can do this (moving my fingers). It could have been very different for me and there's a lot of life to take care of." During Big E's speech, he paid tribute to a good friend in the late, great Brodie Lee, formerly known as WWE Superstar Luke Harper. "I'm grateful for all of you below the heavens, and one incredible friend above," said Big E.