Alberto Del Rio talks about Paige's future

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Alberto Del Rio talks about Paige's future
Alberto Del Rio talks about Paige's future

Alberto Del Rio signed his first deal with WWE back in 2008, joining the development territory of the company then known as 'Florida Championship Wrestling' He then made his main roster debut at SmackDown, using the gimmick of an obnoxious and arrogant wealthy Mexican aristocrat.

His first big win came at SummerSlam in 2011, when he gave up the whim of beating CM Punk to take the WWE title. Alberto had so many problems in his private life that they ended up affecting his career. In 2011, he became the first wrestler in WWE history to win both the Royal Rumble match and the Money in the Bank in the same calendar year.

Del Rio is also known for having an affair with Paige in 2016. The two broke up after about a year. In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, the former WWE Champion spoke about the future of his ex-girlfriend.

Alberto Del Rio on Paige

“Nobody knows what Paige will do after she leaves WWE.

She is still young and there are many people who adore her, but there are also many people who do not like her. It goes for everyone, the world of wrestling works like this. Even my great friend John Cena had to adapt to the logic of the business.

There are millions of people who love him and millions of people who hate him. Things go this way, you can't do anything about it” - said Alberto Del Rio. Alberto wishes Paige well: “Whatever she does, I hope she is successful.

Even if it didn't work out between us, I only want good things to happen to her”. The former US champion expressed a wish for the future: "I would like a great company to give me a chance because I have learned from my mistakes and am ready to start over.

I deserve to fight back and I hope my dream will come true someday. It's the only thing I miss in this phase of my life." In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Del Rio elaborated upon what may be stopping him from getting a Hall of Fame induction: "People need to stop being stubborn or ignorant.

And if you want to see the truth, it's out there. Not just said by me but by the most important departments of investigation in the United States that are telling you, that this man never did absolutely anything. It was just one person, a horrible person affecting his life. That's it. Leave him alone. So, one day I'm gonna be there."

Alberto Del Rio Paige

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