Bianca Belair starts a new partnership

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Bianca Belair starts a new partnership

Maybe many people don't know it, but surely those who are fans of professional wrestling will have heard about the fact that the WWE for a certain period of time had managed to bring a lot of female audiences to follow the weekly shows thanks to Total Divas.

Although obviously, we are talking about a show that has a lot of healthy trash, the curiosity to discover the backstories of the life of the Stamford-based company wrestlers was great and it worked in two directions: who was part of the WWE Universe followed the show.

and those who followed the show became part of the WWE Universe, in the latter case to try to understand more about their profession. These are also little tricks that companies use to increase ratings in a particular demographic, even All Elite Wrestling with Brandie and Cody Rhodes had done with their show, with the woman who had stated that she hoped the project could attract more girls and women to professional wrestling.

Bianca Belair was originally supposed to defend her RAW Women's Championship against Ripley at Money in the Bank. Now, however, which has already started several months but has developed very quickly in recent times, we have a new project that could attract that segment of the female audience to the WWE and we are talking about a collaboration related to makeup.

Bianca Belair never stops

Obviously makeup is for everyone, not just for women, but thinking from a more down-to-earth perspective as a publicly traded company like WWE would do, it is logical to think that the collaboration underway between Raw champion Bianca Belair and the makeup company Fenty Beauty, owned by singer Rihanna, was started primarily to attract a female audience.

Over the past few months, EST has talked a lot about using a particular color of red lipstick, her trademark as much as the braid, when she steps into the ring as she has been asked for it in many podcasts and has always talked about this Fenty lipstick.

Beauty with the company that has also announced a collaboration between the two parties on the various social networks. Now, however, the collaboration has been taken to the next level, in fact a video of Bianca has been released that also tests the company's foundation, demonstrating that Fenty's products resist even in situations such as an intense wrestling match, all this of course.

backed by WWE who also gave the wrestler the green light to use footage from her matches or backstage. This marketing move could be a really effective way to bring more and more girls and women to WWE, intrigued by the career of this beautiful and strong woman, who doesn't give up looking gorgeous with makeup that doesn't move a bit even when she struggle.