Bayley continues to joke with fans

Bayley has been the MVP of the pandemic era

by Simone Brugnoli
Bayley continues to joke with fans

One of the longest-lived champions of the last period in WWE, was surely Bayley, the former Smackdown champion who had to surrender her belt in the hands of Sasha Banks, her former best friend when Bayley cheated on her sensationally in front of the cameras of the Stamford-based federation.

After losing her title, or rather her two titles, given that for a period Bayley had held both the title of Friday Night Smackdown champion and that of tag team champion, paired with Sasha Banks, Bayley seemed to have left the title of the federation, only to return shortly after, where at Wrestlemania Backlash last year she went to fight against the then champion of the blue show, Bianca Belair.

After a while, however, Bayley had to stop for a leg problem, which forced her to stay away from the ring for the last whole year, also had to undergo a surgical operation to fix the irremediably compromised ligament during a workout at the PC in Orlando.

The latest news on Bayley

Over the past few months, Bayley has done nothing but tease and tease his fans and detractors, promising returns that never really happened, or simply hinting at something that didn't actually come true.

Already from the Royal Rumble, or seven months ago, Bayley is releasing photos, videos, clues and phrases on social media that could easily be associated with a possible return to the WWE rings, but of the former world champion of the McMahon company, up to now, there was no trace of any kind.

In the last hours, Bayley has returned to the office, this time leaving open a door even for the third roster of the company, that of NXT, with the former Smackdown champion who in fact wanted to write on her social page, in response to Mandy Rose: "I don't know, maybe someone you wouldn't expect, what do you think?" At the moment, it seems very unlikely that Bayley will return to NXT's 20 Women Battle Royal, although in WWE, especially in the last period, you can never say never.

During the interview, the current SmackDown Women's Champion spoke about the equation the Four Horsewomen shared. "The competition made us stand out and get to the level we did. Charlotte and Sasha were the main eventing shows for a long time.

Obviously, we love each other and are there for each other, but it's like, 'Damn, I wish I was in the title picture with you, or I wish I had the title."

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