Liv Morgan comments on winning the women's title

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by Simone Brugnoli
Liv Morgan comments on winning the women's title

Appearing on Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast, new Smackdown women's champion Liv Morgan talked about her big Money In The Bank win and women's title on the same night. On the Smackdown women's title victory, Liv Morgan said: “It was all a whirlwind of emotions.

Everything seemed surreal. I mean, it was just crazy. Looking back on last year, I thought I'd win Money in the Bank already that year. I thought it was my time to get to the top. I was so confident but then I didn't win. I went through this year, got into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and now I have succeeded.

I hope this is my year. I was so determined. I literally wanted nothing more than to join the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and leave the match at Miss Money in the Bank. I won and it was the best feeling I've ever felt in my entire life."

Liv Morgan enjoys the moment

On why she feels this is her moment: “In a way, I emphasized how I felt ready last year.

Although I lost, I had no doubts. After all, I also had good and less good moments. I wondered several times if I was good enough (and) if I was really ready. I felt that self-confidence would take it to a whole new level. It was just an important feeling for me.

I always try to improve myself every day. I try to give my best in the ring and have also improved on the microphone. I feel a very positive air. In the last few months, I have had an important path and therefore I deserve it." On the possible defense of the title against Ronda Rousey: "As soon as she has recovered, I will be ready to defend the title against her.

I know it will be the match of my life. I also know that with every fiber of my heart and soul I will commit myself because no one loves and wants this title more than me. Whoever had it before me or whoever wants it now is mine now and if anyone thinks you are ready to challenge me.

I can't wait to show them that I am superior. ready to do anything to defend this crown." On a recent Busted Open show, Bully Ray stated that Liv Morgan sounded like she had memorized her promo and that her passion on the microphone wore off as the promo went on.

"I didn't think it was a strong promo from her. But I will say this, the people were behind her, at first, but then it started to trail off a bit."

Liv Morgan