The Rock opens up on his daughter


The Rock opens up on his daughter

Dwayne The Rock Johnson's daughter Simone Johnson known as Ava Raine's ring name made her debut at an NXT live event this Friday night. Ava Raine did her first promo and dubbed herself "The Final Girl". Her first deal with WWE was signed in February 2020 and now her debut at the company's live event has arrived but has not yet made her debut on television.

The Rock on his daughter

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new movie "DC League of Super-Pets", which hits theaters on July 29, The Rock commented on her debut: "She made history, I'm very proud of her.

independent and it is very important for her to have her own way, to chart her own path and her own goals. She does not come to me looking for anything and it is something that I respect very much. I am here to watch and always support her." The Rock previously praised Montez Ford on Instagram, she did so once again in an interview: “I love my girlfriend and I love her energy of hers.

I love her charisma and her work ethic. In the world of wrestling, there is no such thing. She is truly unique. She believes a lot and works hard for the professional wrestling business. WWE is in my blood. It is my passion and I love it.

A boy like him has been busy and, among other things, everyone does it but in particular, he has great athleticism." Finally, The Rock also wanted to comment on a possible return to the ring: "Of course, yes, I'm always willing to go back to fighting in the ring.

I can't not be, this is little but sure because I love wrestling". According to insiders, WWE wants to organize a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. The meeting, however, is unknown because it all depends on the numerous commitments of The Rock.

Tamina has praised The Rock for helping her in real-life. The Great One recently gifted the WWE Superstar a house and a car. "Was standing outside on the driveway and he wouldn't let me come in, he was like, 'Wait.' I said 'Okay.'

He drove me up to the house, I came up to the driveway, he walks out and that's how this happened. He said 'come on in' and he covered my eyes. That's when you see it, exactly like that."

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