What will happen in the next episode of SmackDown?


What will happen in the next episode of SmackDown?

During the episode of Friday Night SmackDown aired this week on the American television screens of FOX, the WWE obviously wanted to carry on many of its storylines, also going to work for the next episodes and obviously also in the future for the next Big Four PPV of the company, Summerslam.

In tonight's episode, Adam Pearce also went to confirm that the match valid for both main roster tag team champions titles, currently held by the Usos, will be up for grabs in a contest at Summerslam which will also have a special referee, with this character who was found in the figure of the WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, absent from the company's television screens for a few months, but who returned to work with the McMahons already months ago, with a new agreement signed with Chairman Vince.

In addition to this great news, WWE also wanted to advertise many of the segments and appearances that will be in the next episode of the blue show, with the Federation Beast returning to shake Boston's TD Garden Arena and a new character that will appear.

for the first time in front of the federation cameras.

SmackDown is full of surprises

For the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE has announced that former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will return to the company's TV screens to continue his feud with the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

In addition to the appearance of The Beast Incarnate, WWE will also present a new character affiliated with manager Max Dupri, namely Maxxine Dupri (the manager's sister), who at the moment we do not know who she will be played by, but who will also take part.

it to the stable. In addition to these two appearances, WWE also wanted to announce a face-to-face between former blue show champion Ronda Rousey and current champion Liv Morgan, with the two most likely clashing to set up their rematch in view of Summerslam.

For the episode of the blue show, WWE has also advertised the presence of Riddle and a match between the Street Profits and the Usos, which will most likely be the dark main event of the evening. SmackDown Superstar Madcap Moss recently credited Paul Heyman for motivating and pushing him to the top in WWE.

“The analytical side of me that might be skeptical of, maybe I’m just hyping myself up in my head a little too much, maybe I’m not as good as I think I am… those go out the window when you’ve got someone like Paul Heyman [saying that], who is an absolute legend in so many ways," said Moss.

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