Several companies are trying to sign Lita

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Several companies are trying to sign Lita
Several companies are trying to sign Lita

It is absolutely not strange that there are still companies that in 2022 make offers to have Lita on their roster even for just one evening given the enormous legendary status that the wrestler has been carrying for several years now.

In fact, All Elite Wrestling had already tried to attract the queen of the extreme, but in the end, she was not interested in taking part in their female roster and having a feud like Britt Baker, as the management had planned.

Lita then made her return to WWE to challenge Becky Lynch in a match that will surely be remembered for a very long time. In fact, after participating in the Royal Rumble 2022, the legend went up against the former Raw champion for the belt at Elimination Chamber, played an excellent match and proved that she still has all the credentials to fight.

Lita is still uncertain

Fightful Select colleagues are now reporting that WOW, aka Women Of Wrestling, made several attempts to try and get Lita to join the company before announcing their return to television last October.

Presumably, they wanted to spin things around her and add some big, valuable names to their company, maybe more on the in-ring side as they still have AJ Lee on board and commentary on the shows returning in September. "We were told that things didn't go very far, as Lita made it clear that she had no interest in working with the WOW Women of Wrestling, and in particular, with David McClane." Fightful also reported that Lita was very quick to express her feelings toward the man, although the report fails to describe why Lita was so adamant about her avoiding McClane.

The company then decided it would contact a number of female wrestlers who had previous television experiences. Tommy Dreamer thinks Lita's WWE return is similar to Goldberg's. "We were joking about it the last time we did the show, I said, 'How come nobody is upset that Lita's coming back and doing what she did with Charlotte?' You know why: because Lita's a babyface.

And not that Goldberg is a babyface but people want to get on Bill sometimes. I like Bill and I like the character of Goldberg, always have. (He) Wasn't the best in the ring but made up for it with his intensity and all that stuff, and has had some matches that didn't deliver. I get that, that happens to everybody."


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