Former WWE star feels sorry for Jeff Hardy

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Former WWE star feels sorry for Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is to all intents and purposes a veteran of world pro wrestling, with a career that exceeds 20 and spends years of activity, with a respectable record, both in WWE and outside. He was Tag Team Champion in federations such as the aforementioned WWE, TNA, and ROH, with his brother Matt Hardy as a tag team partner.

He then reached the peak of his career by winning the TNA World Heavyweight title three times, he was twice World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, once WWE Champion, European Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion and so on and so forth.

. In short, in WWE he reached the peak of his career. Yet, when he is at the top of his career, the pressure is felt and Jeff has not been able to handle it in the best way, having several problems related to alcohol abuse and drug use.

In 2003, he was fired from WWE for failing a drug test and refusing to go to a detox center paid for entirely by the McMahon-owned federation. Same thing happened recently, in 2021, when he limped off a house show (probably drunk but there is no certainty) and after refusing to go to rehab again, always paid in full by WWE, he was fired.

He then moved to the AEW, here too he fell back into the habit of alcohol, making himself stop driving his car in a state of intoxication, then being arrested and then released on bail. He was then suspended by Tony Khan, who also suspended his pay until the rehabilitation ended, fully paid for by the AEW.

Alberto Del Rio reflects on Jeff Hardy

In this regard, Alberto Del Rio intervened who, interviewed by Riju Dasgupta, left an important message to Jeff Hardy: "I must say that it is a really difficult time to talk about these things, I am really very sorry for him, for his family and all I can tell him is that he is a really fantastic person, I hope he manages to get out of this situation as soon as possible and I hope that he can finally overcome this problem, the fears and demons that are limiting him and that he can not fall for it anymore."

He concludes: "I wish him a speedy recovery and that he can go back to being happy with his family." Lance Storm shared his two cents centered around Jeff Hardy's latest issue. "He (Jeff Hardy) is really hurting, he is really banged up, and he is doing Swantons on the steel stairs.

He continues to get booked in dangerous matches and a willingness to do stunt matches. We also have a decades-long history of injuries of guys being all beat up in pro wrestling that leads to self medication."