Paul Wight Speaks About Getting Heat Over Ring Gear

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Paul Wight Speaks About Getting Heat Over Ring Gear
Paul Wight Speaks About Getting Heat Over Ring Gear

Paul Wight is a former WWE employee and he spoke about getting in trouble for his ring gear one time. Vince McMahon is the Chairman of the WWE, and he is well-known for easily getting angry when he hears phrases and comments that he doesn’t like.

For example, he doesn’t want superstars to call the titles ‘belts’. Paul recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. about this and about getting in trouble once over his ring gear.

Paul Wight Talks About Changes in WWE Over The Years

Paul stated that it makes sense for people to call them titles or championships and not belts.

“If you call it a belt, a belt is something that holds your pants — a strap,” he said. “I get it’s cool and it’s slang, but I am a little old school. I believe if you’re going to have a championship, then you treat it with respect because you’ve earned it and you don’t want to diminish it.

You want to enhance it, but the younger crowd does whatever they think is cool. What do I know?” He then spoke about doing things that were not considered normal in the WWE. Paul placed zippers on his boots nearly 15 years ago.

Usually, wrestlers have laces on their boots and not zippers. Paul remembered that he didn’t get a positive reaction from the locker room. “When I saw The Undertaker’s boots were zippered, I went out and got zippers in my boots because, before that, you had to lace up your boots,” he said.

“… Because when you lace up 50/60 eyelets every single night — I used to have callous’ on my pinky fingers, big thick callous’ from pulling up laces every night on my boots. It was an honor and a pleasure, but the business evolves”.

WWE has also changed the design of the championships over the years. These days, velcro is being used instead of snap buttons. Paul stated that the design should just work and he didn’t really pay much attention to it.

“I would trust the snap buttons before I would trust velcro, but if velcro works, then good for them,” Paul Wight said. “Business evolves and the business changes. It’ll be holographic [eventually], you won’t even have to carry it. They’ll just shoot a hologram on your belly and then you’ll have your title”.

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