Good news for Rob Van Dam's fans


Good news for Rob Van Dam's fans

Starting July 19, a new addition will be playable within the WWE 2K22 title. He is the ECW legend known not only for taking the Extreme Championship Wrestling world title but also for being WWE Champion and TNA/Impact Wrestling World Champion.

We are talking about Rob Van Dam. RVD has lived many unforgettable moments in his career and many others that will remain forever indelible in the memory of his fans, just think of WWE One Night Stand 2006, or before the victory of the Money in the Bank briefcase, only to arrive at the famous victory over AJ Styles in the post Lockdown 2010 in which it turned out to be one of the main pivots to bring Hulk Hogan to the application of his long and perfidious plan.

Rob recently made some deals with the Stamford federation to record a series of interviews and other special content later broadcast on the WWE Network, while his recent "prominent" engagements date back two years or better from 2019 to 2020.

Rob Van Dam is a legend

On Impact Wrestling's United We Stand show, Rob Van Dam made his return to the Canadian federation and then signed a multi-year agreement with it. Not just the victories against The North, because the real pinnacle of his comeback was when he managed to defeat Brian Cage in a match without disqualification in the Hard To Kill PPV.

He then gave birth to his stable together with Joey Ryan, only to then lead the company to cancel the plans due to the world pandemic and the first general lockdown, elements that consequently led Van Dam to terminate his agreement and return to being everyone the effects a free agent, which it still is today.

Rob can boast of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year, the highest point of arrival for a wrestler who can consider himself a legend after that. "If there's a reason, there's a reason, you know? I don't probably feel the reasons that you or the fans would, you know, as far as like, 'Gotta get RVD out of the house.' I love to be in the house. But, you know, the challenging road life, pre-pandemic" - RVD said.

Rob Van Dam