Mick Foley convinced Becky Lynch not to leave WWE

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Mick Foley convinced Becky Lynch not to leave WWE

Becky Lynch has established herself as one of WWE's iconic faces in recent years. During her career, the Irish superstar has won the SmackDown Women 's Championship four times, of which she was the inaugural champion, and the Raw Women's Championship twice.

She is the only one in history to have held both titles at the same time. She also won the 2019 edition of the women's Royal Rumble match and participated in the first women's Tables match, Last Woman Standing match and TLC match in history.

Along with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, Becky took part in WrestleMania's first all-female main event in 2019. However, none of this would have happened if she left the company. In the latest edition of his podcast, Mick Foley recalled the time when Lynch was ready to leave the Stamford company.

Mick Foley on Becky Lynch

“Becky Lynch hasn't always been The Man. She had to go through a tough time before she became the amazing champion we know today. She was down in the dumps and thought leaving WWE was the best thing for her.

She wondered if she should continue to work hard every day to carve out a place in the company. I was close to her during that time and gave her some advice” - said Mick Foley. “I advised her to be patient and be ready because her chance would come sooner or later.

If she had gone wrong, I would have been the first to facilitate her transfer to the independent circuit. The rest is history” - added Mick. The WWE Hall of Famer also spent fine words for Cody Rhodes: “He received a lot of criticism when he decided to leave WWE in 2016.

Now people would have to admit it was the correct choice. Rhodes was convinced he could do more and the facts proved him right. Not everyone would have had that courage. Cody has managed to fully express his talent by performing in contexts that do not enjoy the same following as the WWE.

Him off his hat”. Former WWE head writer Vince Russo feels Mick Foley unveiling of the 24/7 Championship led to the failure of the title. "To me, I just think they set up that to fail from the get-go with having Mick. Mick was the hardcore guy.

He was the hardcore guy, Said Russo. That's what everybody thought he was gonna take out of the bag, then it was the 24/7. From the get-go, it started in that whole direction."