Bianca Belair comments on Stephanie McMahon's new role

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Bianca Belair comments on Stephanie McMahon's new role
Bianca Belair comments on Stephanie McMahon's new role

Vince McMahon has been forced to temporarily leave his role as WWE Chairman, given the serious allegations that have come down on him in recent weeks. An investigation by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Vince gave $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an extramarital affair.

His place was taken by his daughter Stephanie McMahon, who had temporarily moved away from the company to devote more time to her family. Although he's going through a tough time, Vince hasn't given up on being seen in public.

The now-former WWE boss has appeared on both SmackDown and Raw, leaving fans and insiders alike jaw-dropping. Interviewed by Denise Salcedo, Bianca Belair expressed her sincere opinion on the new role assumed by Stephanie.

Bianca Belair reflects on Stephanie McMahon

"I love Stephanie McMahon, I consider her a huge source of inspiration" - said Bianca Belair. “Among the women who have made the history of this business, she is one of those I admire the most.

She constantly puts herself on the line and never backs down in the face of difficulties. She is a mother, a CEO and a boss. She is a role model for me ”- added Belair. Bianca made her debut on the WWE main roster in 2020, but there were no great expectations of her.

Her character rose to prominence during Royal Rumble 2021, in which she blew the bank. “My WWE journey has been really exciting. I never imagined becoming a WWE superstar, I have to be honest. I dreamed of becoming a gymnast and participating in the Olympics.

Getting into the world of wrestling and becoming a WWE star was a daydream. I want to thank all the people who have contributed to my growth both inside and outside the ring. What would I like to do in the future? Well, it would be great to work with The Rock or John Cena on the big screen.

For the moment, I enjoy my work and continue to work hard to improve”. In a recent interview with Arab News' The Mayman Show, Bianca Belair stated that it felt amazing to win the match and that she's proud to have represented WWE and women in Saudi Arabia.

She said: "You know, we have so many amazing women and to be one of the women to represent WWE and represent women in Saudi Arabia is one thing. But to be the woman that stands on top and wins the entire Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia, that then punched my ticket to WrestleMania [was] amazing, but to do it in Saudi Arabia, as I said, where I feel like the moment is way bigger than me."

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