Triple H hasn't got his old role back

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Triple H hasn't got his old role back

After months out of WWE due to a heart problem that forced him to undergo surgery, Triple H rejoined WWE in June and got back to work as the strong and energetic person he has always been. reporter John Pollock reported that Triple H spoke at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on June 22.

Pollock tweeted the following about what was said: "According to several sources, Paul Levesque was in Orlando today and spoke at the Performance Center. Of the people I spoke to, they said Levesque stated that 'He's back,' we do not know what it entails, but this was the formulation that was given to me." Dave Meltzer then added, "He was right there.

He said he was back. He didn't say what exactly that meant. I asked some people there, and they said he just said things are happening, and he can't talk about it now. , but he's back. So, that's it. Whatever it is will come out in the days to come, but no one knew exactly what he meant by that.

Was he back to directing NXT? Maybe. Is he back with more power? Yes. It seems that now have more power."

New details on Triple H

And the Wrestling Observer is back to talk about the topic letting us know that in reality, it seems that former WWE champion Triple H is not working again for NXT as he used to do, but is only part of the NIL Program that deals with recruiting athletes.

college to make them wrestlers. Meltzer said it appears that the meaning of Levesque's words about returning to work in the WWE offices was a little different from what everyone understood, as he hasn't done anything directly with the brand since his return.

The whole thing is still run by Shawn Michaels and a small creative staff. RAW Superstar Angelo Dawkins said it was heartbreaking to find out that Triple H retired from the in-ring competition. "It was heartbreaking [hearing about Triple H's retirement].

It sucked. The weird part right before we went out for our match at WrestleMania [38], he goes out there, puts his boots in the middle of the ring, rolls out and I was just like, 'Oh snap, this is it' and not only that, it’s like dang, now we gotta go out there and put on a show for him. Gotta be like, aye dawg, you in good hands now."