Brock Lesnar used too strong words


Brock Lesnar used too strong words

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar made his return in front of the WWE TV screens to go and sink yet another blow against his opponent of Summerlsam, Roman Reigns, with the Tribal Chief who will have to give away his two world champion belts of the company, once again with the archenemy Lesnar.

During his Raw promo, however, some fans noticed that a very small piece of his promo was cut, i.e., those who were present at the arena and heard everything live, then found online a different version of the speech heard by Lesnar or those connected live, but only in some parts of the world, where the line is 100% live and not delayed, not even for a few seconds.

In a passage of his speech, Lesnar indeed stated that he will give a "Sh*t kicking" to Roman Reigns in their match at Summerslam, leaving many fans with open eyes, for using the swear word live and in the first hour of Monday Night Raw, which seldom happens on the federation flag show.

Immediately after, however, WWE decided to censor the word, editing this sentence, which did not air in most of the globe, thanks to a few seconds of delay in world projections.

Brock Lesnar is a former Universal Champion

Brock Lesnar seems to be exactly the draw that WWE wants him to be.

Even the insiders were initially quite shocked by the use of the term "sh*t" live on Raw, considering it a "poetic license" of the federation to the former WWE Champion, but the fact that immediately after, almost at the same time as the promo WWE deleted the sentence, it made everyone understand that behind these words there was no company.

According to what Dave Meltzer revealed, in one of his latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, it would seem that behind the use of these words there is USA Network, which for a few weeks has been pushing WWE to produce shows a little more focused on an adult audience, so much so that a few days ago the news was also released that WWE would return to TV-14 and no longer to TV-PG, as from 2008 to today.

What will happen now in the next installments of the red show? Will the broadcaster still interfere with the script of the show or will wrestlers stick to the WWE script without breaking the ground rules that are always used? Sabu believes his chances of facing Brock Lesnar are slim, but he would still love to test himself against the WWE star.

“My dream opponent for my retirement match would be Brock Lesnar,” Sabu said. “It’ll never happen, but I like Brock, I love Brock. I don’t even know him, but I like his work. I like what he does. He doesn’t do anything I do."

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