Smackdown: Pat McAfee cut a great promo

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Smackdown: Pat McAfee cut a great promo

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report! This Friday was announced a match in which Natalya tried to win a chance for the title by facing the champion herself, while Madcap Moss will try to recover after the defeat at Money In The Bank by fighting with the winner of the briefcase Theory.

In the Amway Center in Orlando everything is ready, your Simone Brugnoli on the keyboard, we can begin. - The episode opens with the entry of Pat McAfee! After showing what has happened in recent weeks, Pat talks about how the current Happy Corbin was a humble man and hard worker when they played together in Indianapolis, but in WWE he changed and sold himself for money.

Corbin appears and says this would be a great chance for McAfee to shut up, but he'll finally shut up at SummerSlam. Now he can't just because he got some weird infection from his desk.

Pat McAfee kicked off WWE SmackDown this week

Pat McAfee doesn't even respond and immediately moves on to introduce Liv Morgan for the first match of the evening.

- Women's Championship Contender's match: Liv Morgan vs Natalya. Let's go back to the rule that, to have a titled match, you have to beat the champion. Nonsense. In any case, Nattie fails and gets pinned after the ObLivion. And she stays down even a few seconds later, which you never know.

After the match, Kayla Braxton compliments Liv but points out that her victory was less dominant than Ronda Rousey's last week. If that works, give Aliyah a title shot right away, and she defeated Natalya in less time than anyone.

The champion replies that she is normal, she has always been an Underdog, but she too at SummerSlam will prove that she deserves that title. - Backstage, Theory, interviewed by Megan Morant, promises that he will come out of SummerSlam as the American champion and he will also collect the case for the Undisputed Title.

Paul Heyman intervenes and replies that it is not a great plan, but it could help him organize a match against Roman Reigns in the spotlight. Theory thanks, but rejects the proposal.