Smackdown: Liv Morgan defeated Natalya

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Smackdown: Liv Morgan defeated Natalya

The Viking Raiders theme starts… but New Day arrives, dressed up as Vikings! God, not really, but we appreciate the effort. The screen indicates the name ''New Raid" and the two begin to make fun of the Raiders, who do not wait.

Erik and Ivar reach the stage and promise to destroy their opponents, but… THEY ARE ATTACKED BY Jinder Mahal AND SHANKY! Outnumbered, the Vikings leave the stage, while Shanky and the New Day celebrate by dancing in the ring and Mahal looks at them unconvinced.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan took on Natalya is one of the biggest matches of the night. Natalya got the first takedown, but Liv Morgan countered and got a big dropkick early on.

Liv Morgan took on Natalya

Morgan made history at Money in the Bank.

Unhappy with Morgan’s triumph, one Twitter user expressed concern. She didn’t even engage in combat; the comment stated, “Just lay outside for others to take the beating only to hop on the ladder and pick up the case." One fan, meanwhile, praised Liv Morgan while making a John Cena reference.

Additionally, the fan admitted to not liking her at first, but has now been one of her biggest supporters and is overjoyed when she won the MITB. - Backstage Ludvig Kaiser is at the microphone of Kayla Braxton, who asks him why he was attacked by Gunther last week, but the Ring General arrives and says that there is no room for failures, to then trim another chop to poor Kaiser.

I think it is right. - Lacey Evans vs Alyiah. Before the match Lacey starts with a classic promo in which she insults the audience, saying that she is an American heroine and everyone is a failure. Yes, but even less. That said, she leaves.

The match won't take place and I'm not sure I'm sorry. - Drew McIntyre vs Ridge Holland. Little to say. Butch and Sheamus continually try to intervene, but Holland is now just a useless speck and takes them, ending up defeated after the Claymore.

Drew McIntyre needs no introduction in the WWE Universe. “The Scottish Psychopath” is an absolute wrecking machine. During his reign as WWE Champion, he defeated every single challenger that came in his path. McIntyre’s Claymore Kick is one of the most devastating finishers in WWE today if not its history.

He is looking at a very prosperous career at the company and although his iconic theme has changed, he continues to break the dreams of his competitors.

Smackdown Liv Morgan Natalya