Smackdown: Madcap Moss is in an awkward position

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Smackdown: Madcap Moss is in an awkward position

Backstage Paul Heyman asks Madcap Moss to injure Theory in exchange for a title match, but Moss replies that he looks really scared of the potential cash-out of Vince McMahon's protégé and leaves. - Short video dedicated to Max Dupri's Maximum Male Model.

I don't have to write the names of the two models, as they aren't even there, so I won't. I'm safe for today. - Theory vs Madcap Moss. Good match between the two, very balanced. In the final Moss is having the best and Theory takes refuge outside the ring.

Happy Corbin’s ex-battler goes to retrieve his opponent, but ... HITS HIM WITH A SUITCASE! DISQUALIFICATION! After the match, Theory doesn't care and keeps hitting the Mad Hatter with MITB and then, once Moss is announced as the winner, he takes the floor saying that he is still Mr Money In The Bank and future Undisputed Champion.

SAMI ZAYN STAYS! What? The Canadian, with an injured arm, replies to Theory that he cannot disrespect the Tribal Chief, so now he will have to apologize or there will be consequences. Mr MITB points out that Sami has only one arm and looks threatening, but… THE USOS ARRIVE!

Paul Heyman made Madcap Moss an offer

Paul Heyman offered Madcap Moss a match against Reigns if he took care of The Tribal Chief’s future problem, Theory. Moss agreed and took on Theory in a match later on WWE SmackDown.

Theory steps back and… MOSS SENDS HIM AGAINST THE BOLLARD! Theory is sent to the timekeeper area and we are ready for the main event. - MAIN EVENT: Jimmy Usos vs Angelo Dawkins. In the final, very casually, the referee is knocked out by Jimmy ...

DAWKINS ROLLUP! Genius, there is no referee. Someone explain the rules to Angelo. SUPERKICK OF JIMMY! He also goes for the pin. Ou, but do you understand that no one can count? The Samoan twin goes to shake poor Charles Robinson, but meanwhile, Dawkins gets up and… SKY HIGH!

The referee recovers just in time and counts, even if Jimmy has a shoulder raised ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for the Street Profits member! After the match all 4 take it out on the referee, but ... THIS IS ADAM PEARCE! The WWE Officer says this is exactly why there will be a need for a special referee at SummerSlam, so he introduces ... '' DOUBLE J '' JEFF JARRETT!